List of Thoothukudi Smart City Projects

Completed Projects

Sl No Name of the Project Proposed Project Cost (in Cr.)
Flood mitigation -SWD-Phase-III – (Packages –I,II,III &IV) 32.44
Construction of Resource Recovery Centre at kathirvel nagar 2.07
Construction of Sensory park at Sivanthakulam corporation school campus 1.47
Muthu Nagar Beach Development 5.13
Smart Schools- 5 Nos 9.24
Biometric Attendance System 0.08
Mobile Toilet Trailer -4 Nos 0.24
Clean Thoothukudi App 0.06
Smart Tree 0.04
Open Gym-4No of Park 0.36
Purchase of TATA ace -26 Nos 1.46
Sanitation – (Purchase of Electric Battery operated Vacuum Cleaning Machine -2 Nos) 0.28
Roach Park & Beach Road development and Associated Tourism Development 1.65
LED smart lights 1.82
Container Box Toilet -10 Nos 0.49
Sanitation –Buckle Canal screening 0.23
Sanitation – Purchase of Tipper capacity 3.2 cum -10 nos 0.66
E-Toilet 1.28
LED smart lights Phase II 3.92
Pearl Beach Road development and Kisok shop arrangemnets 0.94
Muthu Nagar Beach LED Fittings,providing UG cables and Highmast Light arrangements 0.59
Smart Water Supply –Improvement of existing D system 4.13
Solar Roof Top 1.58
Construction of SWD- TNSUDP 6.99
Open Space making – 9 parks 4.06
Redevelopment of Smart Anganwadi 1.23
Renovation of Burial Ground 4.52
Conversion of LED Street Lights 14.41
Uniform City Signage Programme 3.02
Smart Bus shelter 1.54
Purchase of Tablet for smart class room 1.43
Providing planetorium arrangements at palaymkottai road park 1.67
Providing of Five Land models arrangements at Palayamkottai Road Science park 2 ( Near VOC College ) 1.08
Providing of Anthropologic Sculpture arrangements at Palayamkottai Road park (Near VOC College) 0.73
Construction of 28mld STP 50.05
MGR Park 3.08
Briyant Nagar Park 1
Rajaji Park 1.77
Development of science park VOC college to APC school 6.28