• Name of the Project: UGSS ABD Area
  • Project cost ( Cr): 126.84
  • Description: “1.Sewers are meant to transport waste water from one location to another location by gravity and therefore have to be laid deep to receive all the flows. Sewers must resist erosion and corrosion and its structural strength must be sufficient to carry back fill, impact and live loads satisfactorily. The size and slope of the sewer must be adequate for the flow to be carried and sufficient to prevent deposition of settlable solids. The aim of design is not only to make the sewer system functional, but also to build the system at lowest cost ensuring durability over the life span of the system. 2. As per CPHEEO manual on “Sewerage and Sewage treatment” about 80% of the water supply gets converted into sewage. Based on this, for ABD area of Thoothukudi Corporation sewage flow is arrived zone wise including infiltration for intermediate and ultimate stage 3. Sewers in Thoothukudi Corporation ABD area are designed for ultimate stage flow conditions, assuming that 100% population of that year is connected to the system and 100% water demand is also satisfied. 4. UGD minimize the water is stagnating in many places and reduce the growth of mosquitoes and flies which causing many diseases. “
  • Physical Progress: 5%
  • Project End Date: 30 Jan 2024