General Info & Wards

General Information

Thoothukudi is a Port City situated in the Gulf of Mannar about 125 kms. north of Cape Comorin and 650 km south of Madras Map No.1 shows the location of Thoothukudi in Tamilnadu. Thoothukudi and its environs form part of the coastal belt which forms a continuous stretch of the flat country relieved here and thereby small rockout crops. The regions, surrounding Thoothukudi is liberally dotted with rain fed tanks.

Thoothukudi Municipality was upgraded as City Municipal Corporation during 2008 by the addition of adjacent Village Panchayats.

According to the Thoothukudi City Municipal Corporation Act 2008 the City is subdivided into 4 Administrative Zone and 60 wards.

The 4 zones are

ZoneWardsTotal number of wards
East Zone14,15,16, 19-3318
West Zone34-4714
North Zone1-13 & 17,1815
South Zone48-6013