Redevelopment of Buckle Odai

Name of the Project
Redevelopment of Buckle Odai

Project cost ( Cr)

“It is proposed to develop various recreational activities at 7.2 kms on the both side of the Buckle odai. 1. Walkway cum Bicycle lane – uniform width of 3.0m on the both sides of the Buckle odai, 2. Jogging track with boulevard – uniform width of 2m on both sides of the buckle odai with Boulevard 0.9m and 0.6m – Total width of 3.5m, 3. Provision of Pedestrian footpath LED lights, 4. Development of Road for 7m wide along the Buckle odai, 5. Provision for diversion of Sewage water and installation of Modular STP – 500 KLD 3 Nos, 6. Providing fencing along the Buckle odai – 1m height & Refurbishing the Buckle odai bed to enable free flow “

Physical Progress

Project End Date
30 Apr 2022