Renovation of Burial Ground

  • Name of the Project: Renovation of Burial Ground
  • Project cost ( Cr): 4.52
  • Description:
    It is proposed to construct Shed and Security Room at Burial Ground in Thoothukudi Smart City. It has a overall area 115396.28 Sq.m, Compound wall of overall length 1507.83 m is proposed around the burial ground. Partial Brickwork and grillwork is proposed between the columns 4 m c/c. A road is proposed behind the burial ground connecting the two roads on the left and right of the burial ground. The proposed road is found to have an extent of 2225 Sq.m. 15 No’s of Entrance arch is provided in each and every entrance. 8 No’s of shed each of 75 Sq.m area is proposed. 11 No’s of security room each having an extent of 4 Sq.m is provided in each Gates.
  • Physical Progress: 100%
  • Project End Date: 28 Feb 2021