Development of Dhobikhana

Name of the Project: Development of Dhobikhana

Project cost ( Cr): 7.32


“Dhobi Khana is situated in the middle of the city. It is the only washing yard for Dhobi’s without any basic amenities and the existing provisions are in un-useable condition. •Prior to the implementation of Dhobi khana project under smart city scheme.The status of Dhobi khana area was an open area with a water body. •The said water body was not provided with any water sources, but completely dependent on the collected rain water by the water body during monsoon period. And this water was used by the dhobis to wash that dirty clothes and the effluent water after washing was let in to the water body. Thus the entire water body gets polluted causing health hazards in and around that area. •Hence this proposal for constructing Dhobi Khana with modern facilities are implemented.”

Physical Progress: 80%

Project End Date: 31 Mar 2022